Belen Rodriguez, message for De Martino on Instagram: “Love is not enough”

Belen Rodriguez she is spending the holidays on the boat with her little Santiago, yet they are not carefree days for her: the Argentine showgirl does not yet seem to have overcome the break with Stefano De Martino, and on Instagram she has left a message to the ex.

It is not the first time that Rodriguez launch arrows to the former dancer of Friends through social media: this time he used the poignant words of a song by Lana Del Rey, Born to die. The model has published in the Instagram stories the text of this song, which speaks of a finished love.

“Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry, sometimes love is not enough when the road becomes difficult,” says the refrain of the song. Belen moreover he never hid the feelings who is trying in this period, admitting of suffer a lot for the end of the relationship with De Martino, while he entrenched himself behind the silence, with the desire to keep his emotions in this regard.

Meanwhile, according to the latest rumors, between the two the ratios would be reduced to the minimum terms: apparently Belen and Stefano they don’t talk more and the communications between them are limited to the well-being of the son Santiago.

Meanwhile, the gossip about them does not subside: De Martino has been attributed one relationship with Alessia Marcuzzi, later denied by Stefano and even Rodriguez. On the other hand, the presenter never wanted to give space to rumors, preferring to show her serenity with her husband and children on vacation.

When it seemed that Belen had found her smile near Gianmaria Antinolfi, entrepreneur in the luxury sector, Dayane Mello revealed to the weekly Chi to have a relationship with man at the same time as Rodriguez.

The Argentine showgirl then decided to move away from everything and everyone, dedicating herself only to her child: mom and son are spending their holidays in Ibiza, always supported by friend Mattia Ferrari.

What is certain is that the love between Belen and Stefano it was overwhelming: the two have a bond that can never be broken, their little Santiago, and probably still feel something for each other, which has made them come back together once again. But now there is too much suffering and perhaps they need to find their serenity again.


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