Belen Rodriguez, the background on Stefano De Martino: “He feels too much pain for the farewell”

Check out a new background on the story (over) more talk of the summer, that of Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino. The Argentine conductor, in recent weeks, has started to smile thanks to her dearest affections, but it seems that the same is not for the dancer who, according to the words of a friend of hers, would instead be suffering a lot.

The friend in question would have confessed to the pages of Vero. Reached by the pink press, he would make statements regarding Stefano’s emotional state which, apparently, would not be as serene or peaceful as the dancer has tried to suggest in the last few weeks.

Yes, because while Belen has chosen to have fun with her friends in Ibiza and has established a relationship with the entrepreneur Gianmaria Antinolfi, in recent weeks Stefano has shared photos and stories on Instagram that showed him alone, on a boat, intent on relaxing: no particular shot, apart an exit during Made in Sud who targeted ex-mother-in-law Veronica Cozzani.

Beside him no flame: after categorically denied the story with Marcuzzi and after clarifications by Mariana Rodriguez on their relationship of simple friendshipStefano continued – it is appropriate to say – to sail in solitary waters, except for a happy parenthesis together with his son Santiago.

Now, the aforementioned declarations of the friend arrive, who without too many turns of words explains first of all why Stefano never wanted to exhibit on the farewell to his beautiful ex-wife:

He did not want to talk about the break with Belen for privacy, but also because he now feels too much pain for this failure. The second time hurts more than the first.

Stefano would therefore be very ill for the end of his marriage and, moreover, he would have a fixed thought: to protect Santiago, who at this moment has to deal with the new separation of mom and dad:

His biggest wish is to protect Santiago. This is also the reason why he never let himself be photographed in intimate attitudes with other women. He does not want his son to get confused or suffer seeing him with other women.

In the face of all this, it can be said that both Belen and Stefano are completely overwhelmed by suffering. Both are facing farewell trying to come out as free as possible, but the desire to stop the pain is strong on both sides. In the last few hours, for example, Belen wanted to share an eloquent shot on Instagram. A photo of a poem that says:

I am not thinking about anything, and this central thing, which is nothing, is as pleasing to me as the night air. […] I’m not thinking about anything, how nice!

A way to communicate that there is only now a great desire for beauty, not to complain, not to judge or judge. And at his side, there are the dearest affections: the son, the sister Cecilia but also the mother.


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