Belen Rodriguez, the outburst of her mother Veronica on Instagram: “Who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t love you”

A crescendo of situations shrouded in doubt: the story between Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino it is so much discussed that it is no longer possible to understand where their relationship begins and where it ends and what, instead, concerns everyday life. So, the Instagram post from Belen’s mother, Veronica Cozzani, it can be anything and everything.

The beautiful mother of Belen he published an image on his profile that seemed indisputably related to the situation between the ex-son-in-law and his daughter. The post, written in Spanish, literally said:

The people who don’t look for you are the ones who don’t miss you. And those who don’t miss you are those who don’t love you. Life decides who you will meet, but you decide who stays. The truth hurts only once, lies always hurt. That’s why you have to value those who value you and not treat those who treat you as an option as a priority.

Many claimed that it was a new defense towards Belen, suffering after the (second) end of his relationship with De Martino and most have not missed a like that seemed anything but casual: that of Andrea Iannone, that he would have recently moved closer to Belen.

For Cozzani, on the other hand, it would not be the first gesture “against” De Martino: after stopping following him on Instagram the woman wrote clear and harsh words to make it clear that the daughter will always be her priority.

The fact that Cozzani’s words can somehow be referred to De Martino, which for now would seem disappeared from the radar of the Rodriguez clan – it seems that later the icy meeting in Milan has never been seen again – could also be underlined by one of Belen, whose caption reads «Hello? Who speaks? », To which Cozzani replied:« Exactly, who speaks? », As if waiting for something that never happened.

As it is, as it is not, the story certainly becomes every day more complicated. In the last few hours, however, many have noticed the appearance of a romantic post on De Martino’s Instagram profile: a shot at sunset, accompanied by the caption «Waiting for the Moon».

It is the first shot with “pink” outlines after many solo photos more tending to the reflective than the sentimental and, based on the background revealed by a friend of the dancer it would not be surprising if it were a dedication to a new flame, which, however, it does not want to reveal yet. To be sure, however, it is necessary to wait for new developments in history.


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