Belgian Grand Prix: the height of ridicule

We do not play with the safety of the drivers, especially not on a circuit as dangerous as that of Spa-Francorchamps, but why have we declared official a Belgian Grand Prix which lasted only two laps behind the safety car, and especially why have allotted points to the world championship?

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Formula 1 missed its comeback after the four-week summer break. Fiasco, farce, parody … in fact, use all words to describe this absurd day that marked history. Max Verstappen won the shortest Grand Prix in F1 history.

Due to the rain, the start was delayed by more than three hours, then restarted for two short laps without the possibility of overtaking.

Alonso upset

If, after this “no-race”, most of the drivers agreed that it was the right decision not to release the cars due to the very poor visibility, they were very critical of the F1 leaders. who chose to distribute points to the top ten, even though the base was split in two.

It is in fact only half of the points that have been awarded. The winner therefore collects 12.5 points.

“It’s sad to award points in a context where there was no race,” said veteran Fernando Alonso, visibly upset. It’s a surreal situation that has no place in F1.

“We are fighting to gain positions,” added the Spaniard on Canal +. The points are valuable and they have been given away for free. “

Alonso, you will say, is the one who suffers the most from this measurement since he finished 11th, that is to say the first place excluded from the points. But other drivers, like him world champions, also decried the situation.

“It’s a joke,” said Sebastian Vettel to the British network Sky Sports. No regulation provides for the collection of points for qualifying. What have we done to register points? Wondered the one whose name appears fifth in the final standings.

Hamilton adds more

Lewis Hamilton, he was not more tender: “I hope that the amateurs will be reimbursed. They deserve it. This race should never have been restarted knowing full well that the conditions were not going to improve. “

The Briton reached the third step of the podium, but his lead at the expense of Verstappen at the top of the drivers’ championship fell from eight to three points.

F1 has always been considered the pinnacle of motor racing and a symbol of excess. But this definition can be applied in both directions. We will admit, without being mistaken, that the limit of the ridiculous has been exceeded.

What you must remember

The best tour in Mazepin!

F1 awards a point to whoever scores the fastest lap in the race. However, this honor went, at the Belgian Grand Prix, to a certain Nikita Mazepin, considered the worst driver of the field. The Russian completed the fastest lap behind the safety car, it should be specified. However, the point (or rather the half point because of the shortened test) will not be entered in his file since the regulations stipulate that this reward is granted if the beneficiary finishes among the first 10. Mazepin was ranked 17th. Phew …

Stroll penalized and good … last

Lance Stroll was forced to start from the pit area after the long hiatus of more than three hours, as his team, Aston Martin, proceeded to replace his rear wing. But, as all the cars left from said pit area, this sanction had no meaning. It is therefore a penalty of 10 seconds which is added to his record. The Montreal driver therefore finished in 20th and last place.

And now Zandvoort!

F1 hasn’t raced there since 1985, but it will celebrate its reunion, which was postponed last year due to the pandemic, starting next weekend. The next stage of the world championship will be contested at the legendary Zandvoort circuit, on the land of a certain Max Verstappen.

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