Belgium: carrier pigeon auctioned for a record € 1.6 million

Lady pigeon “New Kim”
Curious world record at auction in Belgium: carrier pigeon sold for 1.6 million euros

The new owner paid a record sum of 1.6 million euros for the two-year-old female pigeon New Kim from Belgium

© Francisco Seco / AP / DPA

No pigeon before her has been sold for such a sum: carrier pigeon New Kim from Belgium brought in 1.6 million euros for her breeder – even though she has not raced for over two years.

The carrier pigeon New Kim was originally offered for 200 euros, but its auction set a world record: it brought 1.6 million euros to its former owner and breeder Kurt Van de Wouwer at the auction in Belgium. He told Reuters news agency that he and his family were shocked by the news. A bidder from China bought the two-year-old female for the record price on Sunday through the PIPA auction house for carrier pigeons.

Carrier pigeon New Kim will probably not fly any races in the future

New Kim won a number of races in 2018, including middle distance. In the same year she was awarded the title “Best Young Bird in Belgium”, but since then she has not flown any competitions. The buyer will probably not send the pigeon back into the race, but use her for breeding. According to the “BBC”, carrier pigeons can reproduce up to ten years of age.

“This record price is unbelievable because it is a female,” said auction house CEO Nikolaas Gyselbrecht to Reuters. Usually it is the male racing pigeons who get higher prices because they can produce more offspring. Previously, the record for the most expensive carrier pigeon ever held the four-year-old male Armando, the “Lews Hamilton of the pigeons”, which changed hands in March 2019 for a sales price of 1.25 million euros.



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