“Belgium does not deserve its first place in the world”: Hein Vanhaezebrouck praises Martinez’s work but qualifies his results

Against England, the Red Devils played their fiftieth meeting under the orders of Roberto Martinez. With a very positive ratio of 39 wins. Hein Vanhaezebrocuk, former coach of Anderlecht and Ghent, now columnist for the newspaper
The newspapaer is full of praise for the work of his Spanish colleague:
“When we look at Roberto Martinez’s record, we can only be positive”, he says in the columns of the Dutch-speaking daily
, “I take my hat off to him because he has formed a team that the whole world watches with the greatest respect. He has succeeded in making all the stars step aside to serve the collective and he has succeeded in mobilize your group for these Nations League matches. We have to be honest: Martinez’s results are good. ”

But Vanhaezebrouck nevertheless wanted to qualify this positive assessment: “During Roberto Martinez’s fifty meetings, Belgium only faced nations in the top 20 in the world on 14 occasions (for only six victories). Which explains why we are still number one in the Fifa ranking when in reality , it is not deserved. “

The former Belgian champion with the Ghent in 2015 sees a link with the fact that we have not (yet) managed to win major tournaments: “It is not Martinez’s fault that we play against small nations. But it is striking that the other big countries compete against each other more often and do not hesitate to organize a friendly against Brazil or the Argentina. Maybe that’s why we haven’t managed to win a trophy yet. Because we play too few games against the top countries. “

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