Belgium “strongly condemns Russia’s reckless attack” and asks Belgians there to stay at home

Alexander De Croo, Sophie Wilmès and Ludivine Dedonder also announced that Belgium will send only military equipment for protection, orientation and observation to Ukraine. “On the other hand, it will not transport armaments”, specified the Prime Minister. “There is a very broad demand, which does not only concern Belgium. The analysis was done to see what material could be delivered and used quickly, and what material we wouldn’t need. We must be sure that our defense capability will be guaranteed within NATO“, explained Alexander De Croo.

From a health point of view, the Neder-over-Heembeek Military Hospital, in the Brussels-Capital Region, will be open to burn victims and other injured people coming from Ukraine. They will be transferred to other hospitals after receiving first aid there.

Via B-Fast, Belgium will also send humanitarian material (tents, blanket, hygiene kits, etc.) by truck. Even if the situation changed overnight, Ludivine Dedonder and Sophie Wilmes indicate that there is currently no question of sending Belgian troops to Ukraine. The two ministers, speaking on the radio, indicated that Belgium remains active within the framework of NATO, and is keen to remain within this framework. It is “deploy within NATO borders“, of which Ukraine is not a part, insists Ludivine Dedonder.

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