“Belgorod Governor Lifts Anti-Terror Operation Amid Claims of Ukrainian Armed Forces Targeting Region”

2023-05-24 14:25:00

The governor of Belgorod lifts the “anti-terrorist operation” and claims that the region was targeted by the Ukrainian armed forces

A view shows damaged buildings, after anti-terrorism measures introduced for the reason of a cross-border raid from Ukraine were lifted, in what was said to be a settlement in the Belgorod region (Photo: via Telegram/Handout via REUTERS)

The “anti-terrorism operation” launched since the incursion into Russia’s southwestern Belgorod region by anti-Putin Russian citizens aligned with Ukraine has been lifted, according to regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

In a message posted on Telegram, Gladkov also provided an update on a series of attacks that took place in the region overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Gladkov said the city of Belgorod and its surroundings were targeted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, “attacked by a drone at night,” and an explosive device was “launched from a UAV.” He said the city came under fire eight times in recent days, and a drone was also shot down south of the city in Nizhny Olshanets without causing damage.

Some background: The Freedom for Russia Legion said on Telegram early Tuesday that it and another group, the Russian Volunteer Corps, “continue to liberate the Belgorod region!” The Washington Post described the groups as “patriotic volunteers” and claimed Russia was vulnerable to attack as the country “has no reserves to respond to military crises. All military personnel are dead, wounded or in Ukraine.”

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that the fighters who crossed from Ukraine to the Russian region of Belgorod (west) on Monday were repelled into Ukrainian territory.

Russia repelled the attackers using airstrikes, artillery fire and military units, it said, adding: “The remnants of the nationalists were driven back to the territory of Ukraine, where they continued to be hit by fire until they were completely eliminated.”

Other areas hit: In addition to the city, Gladkov said six other districts in the Belgorod region were also targeted: Borisov, Volokonovsky, the city of Grayvoron, Krasnoyaruzhsky, the city of Shebekinsky and the urban district of Yakovlevsky.

There were no victims in any of these events, but there was some damage to homes and infrastructure such as electrical networks and pipes.

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