Belgorod Student Hostel Crisis: Forced Evacuations to Accommodate Shebekino Residents

2023-06-03 17:26:00

Students in Belgorod BSTU and BelGU ordered to vacate rooms in hostels in order to accommodate the evacuated residents of Shebekino. The students themselves told about the incident to the telegram channels “Caution, news” and “Bletgorod”.

How writes “Caution, news”, BelSU students were summoned to a general meeting on the night of June 3, at which they were confronted with the fact that they should vacate their rooms and move to other sections of the hostel. By data local telegram channel “Bletgorod”, BSTU students were informed a little earlier – on the evening of June 2.

In turn, BelSU students reported that their resettlement took place spontaneously and unorganized. At the same time, the things of those who were not in the city, the students were forced to pack in garbage bags and store in a kind of “storage room”. What kind of camera it is, they do not know. Telegram channel “Bloody Lady” writesthat we are talking about a room in the basement.

At the same time, the channel “Bletgorod” claimsthat students who were affected by the relocation were offered to move into “rooms with cockroaches without conditions.” Those who did not like this proposal were offered to completely move out of the hostel, the channel writes.

On the morning of June 3, Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov informedthat in the region the redistribution of people from large temporary accommodation centers to student dormitories of universities and colleges continues.

Since the end of May, the settlements of the Belgorod region have been shelled daily.

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