Bella Hadid shows off her corona streaky

Bella Hadid presents her “belly fat”

The Corona pounds do not stop at supermodels either. This now shows Bella Hadid (23). The “Victoria’s Secrets” angel, who is otherwise always very well trained, presents himself on Instagram quite unfit in a bikini – with a little “belly fat”. And the fans are excited!

“Thank you for showing us your cute little belly roll”

After a long social media break, Bella Hadid is back – and how! The 23-year-old celebrated the Insta comeback with three hot selfies in a skimpy bikini. And it reveals more than it conceals. The model shows not only sexy underboob, but also new curves when sunbathing in the home garden. Unretouched and totally natural!

With the pictures, Bella makes a clear statement that the corona quarantine has also given the celebrities one or two kilos more. And that’s a good thing, because: Despite her tummy she cuts a damn great figure! Also find Bellas nearly 31 million followers who praise their honesty. “Thank you for showing us your sweet little belly roll”, “You are perfect the way you are”, “Thank you for this message” and “You are so real”, says the comments.

While Bella always appears flawless on the red carpets and catwalks of this world, in her spare time she is just a normal young woman who is not always perfectly styled and in top physical shape.

In the video: Bella Hadid’s nipple show: Here you can see everything!


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