Bellator 275, broadcast, where to watch the tournament online, Gegard Mousasi — Austin Vanderford, Khasan Magomedsharipov

Alexander Frolov

Another victory for Magomedsharipov Jr.!

The next fight, which was of particular interest to Russian fans, was the fight Hasana Magomedsharipova And Jose Sanchez.

The Russian spent the first round rather passively, allowing his opponent to work. But Hasan was able to take the ending thanks to the front kickstand. In the second round, Magomedsharipov could finish the fight ahead of schedule, scoring Sanchez on the ground. But Jose was able to withstand the beating from the back. And in the final five-minute period, the Russian tried to finish the fight with a submission. However, the Spaniard managed to reach the final gong.

The result was an unconditional victory for Magomedsharipov (30:27, 30:27, 30:26).

Igor Bragin

Conor McGregor attends the Bellator tournament in Dublin

Conor was very worried about his compatriot Danny McCormack, but she lost in one gate to Stephanie Lilo Page.

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Igor Bragin

Vladimir Tokov wins by unanimous decision

There was no doubt about it. Great fight, glamorous and dominant.

Igor Bragin

Vladimir Tokov – Daniele Scatizzi. Third round

Gorgeously Vladimir started the third round. The Russian was ready for the explosive attack of the Italian and elegantly met him. After the opponent was on the floor, Fedor’s student rushed to finish him off. More than a minute behind us! It is customary to scold Vladimir for a little not the most serious attitude, no, not for preparation, for the battle itself. But that’s just his style. Vladimir does not pose, he plays with an opponent. He keeps his distance perfectly, meets with jabs, infuriates the opponent. Gorgeous and very bright fight from Tokov. It would be ideal if he knocked out the opponent. But even without that, we are sure that our guy won.

Igor Bragin

Vladimir Tokov – Daniele Scatizzi. Second round

This time Scott Cocker picked up tough opponents for our guys. Vladimir has difficulty with Scatizzi. The round is very close, but in the last minute Tokov met his opponent very sharply several times and, in our opinion, took the five-minute time.

Igor Bragin

Vladimir Tokov – Daniele Scatizzi. First round

The first round was held in an equal fight. Vladimir fully fulfilled Fedor’s instructions for this fight, did not concede to his opponent in the standing position and competently carried out a takedown at the last minute. He certainly spent the first five minutes more confidently than Kirill. We think the judges will give him this round.

Igor Bragin

Sidelnikov lost to Turk Sarycham

Well, friends, the judges unanimously gave the victory to the Turkish fighter. Hand on heart, we must agree with them. The main question is why Kirill went into battle in such a state … In such a physical state.

Igor Bragin

Sarycham – Sidelnikov. Third round

Kirill did a lot to ensure that Nemkov Vadim became the best light heavyweight of Bellator. But this Turkish guy can become a stumbling block. Sarikam – very confidently controls the distance, decently throwing a Russian in the head and definitely did not lose the fight. Well, friends, in such physical shape you can’t go to a fight of this level …

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Igor Bragin

Sarycham – Sidelnikov. Second round

Fedor explained to Kirill during the break that he needed to take control of the fight. And the Russian is trying very hard. But the opponent is a powerful guy who knows how to push and swing his arms. True, the Turks have already loaded our fighter in the groin three times. Something is wrong with his knee. The second round is exactly for the fighter from Stary Oskol.

Igor Bragin

Sarycham – Sidelnikov. First round

Oh, what a difficult opponent Cyril has. Our guy started strong, but missed control and lost the first round. Yes, Sidelnikov finished the five-minute period, controlling his opponent, but he definitely outplayed on points. Not everything is lost.

Igor Bragin

Bellator 275 weigh-in results

On the eve of the tournament, the fighters went through a weigh-in ceremony, as a result of which Musashi turned out to be slightly heavier than Vanderford.

Bellator 275 Weigh-In Results

  • Geghard Musassi (83.73 kg) – Austin Vanderford (83.32 kg);
  • Sinead Kavanagh (66.04 kg) – Leah McCourt (66.13 kg);
  • Kiran Clark (65.68 kg) – Abu Tonkara (66.13 kg);
  • Khasan Magomedsharipov (66.04 kg) – Jose Sanchez (65.95 kg);
  • Jornell Lugo (61.33 kg) – Brian Moore (61.42 kg);
  • Brett Jones (61.51 kg) – Khurshed Kakhorov (61.14 kg);

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  • Davy Gallon (70.4 kg) – Charlie Leary (70.4 kg);
  • Danny McCormack (52.25 kg) – Stephanie Page (52.12 kg);
  • Darra Kelly (70.31 kg) – Junior Morgan (70.76 kg);
  • Daniele Scatizzi (70.13 kg) – Vladimir Tokov (70.49 kg);
  • Gokhan Sarikam (112.31 kg) – Kirill Sidelnikov (119.75 kg);
  • Nathan Kelly (65.95 kg) – Scott Pedersen (65.68 kg);
  • Lee Hammond (66.04 kg) – Jamie Hay (66.59 kg).
Igor Bragin

“Units can be legends.” Magomedsharipov posted a photo with F. Emelianenko

Russian fighter Zabit Magomedsharipov, whose brother Khasan will fight in the tournament, published a new post on his Instagram, in which he called Fedor Emelianenko a “legend”.

“It is not difficult to become popular in our time. Only a few can be a legend, ”Magomedsharipov signed the photo.

Igor Bragin

What time does Bellator 275 start?

The Bellator 275 Fight Night will take place on the night of February 25-26. The tournament will begin on February 25 at 21:15 Moscow time.

Igor Bragin

Vladimir Tokov – the first fight in a year and a half

Vladimir Tokov, of course, has not yet achieved the same level of fame as his older brother Anatoly. However, Vladimir still has his whole career ahead of him. Tokov Jr. has only seven professional fights, the last time a fighter entered the cage was more than a year and a half ago. Perhaps Vladimir managed to “rust” during the break: at Bellator 275 he will be tested by a strong Italian Daniele Scatizzi.

Igor Bragin

Where to watch the live stream of Bellator 275

By tradition, the Okko online cinema will show the tournament. Both the preliminary and the main card of Bellator 275 will be shown there. Including the main fight, where Gegard Mousasi and Austin Vanderford will meet.

Igor Bragin

Vanderford is an undefeated fighter, but is best known for his beautiful wife

Austin Vanderford is an undefeated fighter with an enviable 10-0 record. However, the general public is much more aware of his wife, Paige Van Zant, who is considered one of the most popular girls in martial arts. Now the blonde fights with her bare fists, but her main income is a site with her own photos. At Bellator 275, Page will most certainly be seated in the auditorium.

Igor Bragin

Full card of the Bellator 275 tournament

We present to your attention the full card of the Bellator 275 tournament.

Main card

  • Middleweight: Gegard Mousasi (48-7-2) – Austin Vanderford (10-0);
  • Lightweight: Peter Quilley (13-6-1) – Kane Musa (13-4)
  • Women’s Featherweight: Sinead Kavanagh (7-5) – Leah McCourt (5-1)
  • Bantamweight: Brian Moore (14-8) – Jornell Lugo (7-0)

preliminary card

  • Featherweight: Kiaran Clark (4-0) – Abubakar Tunkara (7-2)
  • Lightweight: Brett Jones (17-3) – Khurshed Kakhorov (7-0);
  • Lightweight: Charlie Leary (17-11-1) – Davey Gallon (19-7-2)
  • Welterweight: Stefano Paterno (13-4-1) – Luka Poklit (6-1);
  • Women’s flyweight: Danny McCormack (5-0) – Stephanie Lilo Page (5-3);
  • Lightweight: Junior Morgan (3-0) – Darra Kelly (0-0);
  • Lightweight: Vladimir Tokov (6-1) – Daniele Scatizzi (11-5);
  • Heavyweight: Gokhan Sarikam (6-1) – Kirill Sidelnikov (13-6);
  • Featherweight: Scott Pedersen (1-2) – Nathan Kelly (3-2)
  • Featherweight: Lee Hammond (1-0) – Jamie Hay (2-0)
  • Featherweight: Khasan Magomedsharipov (6-0) – Jose Sanchez (10-1).

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