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The president of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido, said today that the second agrarian reform promoted by the Government will be focused on guaranteeing the provision of water, low-interest credit for farmers and access to fertilizers.

“We need irrigation systems, water, if we do not invest in water, there will be no agriculture, it is a priority in the government to plant water, different irrigation systems, we are going to deepen this work not only in Arequipa but also at the national level,” he said .

In this sense, he indicated that the second agrarian reform will focus on guaranteeing water, low-interest credit for farmers and access to fertilizers, a resource that is currently restricted and against which mechanisms are being sought for farmers’ access.

“We need tools, also in regions where there is intensive agriculture, a search for the market is required, certification of crops, products, technical production support, tasks that must pass to the government in order for the producer to be in charge of producing,” he said.

He said that if the producer continues to take over these tasks, they will have a disadvantage compared to producers in other countries.

“That is where we are going to deepen the second agrarian reform,” he said, after noting that the number of hectares to access the Majes Sihuas II project must allow access to small farmers.

Natural resources

The head of the presidency of the Council of Ministers also maintained that the strategic resources belong to all Peruvians, which is why a dialogue will be held with the company that is in charge of the exploitation of the Camisea gas, to renegotiate the profits, for the benefit of the Peruvian State.

“We need to have gas in the country, which is accessible to those who have the least, but today we have it at international cost,” he said, after questioning the governments that granted the concession of this resource.

He indicated that the Government will keep its word, without backing down, together with the population.

He reiterated that, for any mining or energy project, there must be respect for the populations and prior consultation.

Welcome any investment, as long as it means the development of the populationIf there is a company operating in the district and it does not have asphalt tracks, hospitals, schools, water, sewage, how can that be understood? ”, he pointed out.

Bellido also specified that the lawsuit filed by the past government before the Constitutional Court against the law that eliminates the Administrative Service Contract (CAS) regime will be withdrawn.


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Published: 9/26/2021


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