Belu Lucius confessed what exchange he refused to make on his social networks: “You are going to be surprised!”

Very happy for your early incorporation as a panelist a Cut for Lozano (Telefe), Belu Lucius she has already been tested by her peers. And on a mobile phone that he gave from his home, he humorously revealed what the world of exchanges made by influencers on social networks is like.

First, he said that his colleagues, who also work on various platforms, took their step to TV well. “In networks we have always lived together very well because there is work for everyone, we even help each other a lot; we pass brands and we share budgets,” he said.

At that point, when Verónica asked him if he ever refused to make a trade on his social networks, Belu said yes and revealed why he said “no.” “Yes, and you are going to be surprised … Beer! Alcoholic beverages, no,” he said.

“Yes, and you’re going to be surprised … Beer! Not alcoholic beverages.”

Before closing, he detailed why he preferred not to make that exchange. “It’s that I don’t drink, so I can’t promote it. Then I say yes to everything, eh, I even promoted vaginal cream,” he closed, laughing.


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