Benalmádena approves a credit supplement with more than 24 million to make investments

The Benalmádena City Council has hosted this morning an extraordinary plenary session for the approval of a credit supplement of 24,199,000 euros, to apply the remainder of the Treasury to make investments that contribute to the economic and social recovery of the municipality after the motivated crisis for the pandemic, and the progress and development of the city. The measure has had the support of the councilors of the government team (PSOE and IU) and the PP and Citizens, and the abstention of the VOX councilors.

“We are very satisfied to have managed to move forward with this credit supplement, with the widest possible support, which will allow us to access part of the savings achieved by the City Council thanks to the management we carried out in the previous legislature, in which we eliminated the 124 million of financial debt that this local administration dragged “, has valued the mayor.

“Thanks to the approval of this supplement we will be able to put the savings at the service of the investments and aid that Benalmádena needs: we are talking about more than 24 million euros, plus another 6 million that we will presumably approve in the coming weeks for payment to suppliers, betting on increase public spending in times of crisis “, Navas explained.

“This public investment will allow the generation of employment and wealth: we will be able to make improvements in our public services, roads, educational and cultural centers, and allocate a significant budget for the reactivation of the local economy,” Navas detailed.

“We do it with haste because we have had to adhere to the European Union’s safeguard clause, which will only be in force in 2020 and 2021, so we will only have until December 2021 to carry out all the works, despite the fact that the capacities of The management of the different municipalities has also been diminished by the pandemic and they do not allow us to be as agile as we would like, “Navas lamented.

“We are already working to carry out the maximum possible number of projects included in this supplement between now and December 2021,” the mayor announced.

“We are confident that, beyond the established time horizon, the EU will once again extend this safeguard clause,” the first mayor has estimated.

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