Benefits and contraindications of fasting exercise

When you are just beginning in the world of exercise, and it begins with some physical activity, many people wonder about the right time to perform their routine.

It is usually associated with the exercise morning and in fasting, with better results in fat and weight loss.


The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism recorded several studies related to this topic and showed that doing sports in fasting promotes fat loss to a greater extent.

By having low insulin levels, the body uses less sugar for fuel, so it gets energy directly from fat, leading to more burning.

It is important to take into account the quality of post workout food

Its relation to weight

However, despite the fact that it is very beneficial with respect to fat loss, not with weight or calorie burning: losing fat does not mean weighing less, while regarding calories, experts find that there is no difference between what you lose by doing exercise before some food or after eating.

Some specialists suggest that in addition to fat, the body uses protein for energy, so muscle development can be affected by what the exercise in fasting It is not recommended for people looking to increase muscle mass.


Dizziness and poor performance can be some side effects of practicing exercise before the first meals of the day, so physical activity is contemplated in fast only for the days when you are going to do moderate cardio.

If you adopt the habit of exercising in fasting, there is a risk of losing muscle mass, increasing flaccidity and reducing sports performance.

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