Benefits for people vaccinated? Here are the new rules envisaged by the government for the social contacts of Belgians

Towards a little more freedom for people vaccinated in Belgium? Corona Commissioner Pedro Facon has prepared a directive to this effect which will be discussed during the Consultation Committee this Friday, report our colleagues from Het Nieuwsblad.

There it is expected that the social distancing rules regarding private meetings at home will change a bit. Thus, if all the guests are fully vaccinated (two doses) it will be possible to no longer comply with the 1.5 meter distance rule or the obligation to wear a mask. It will only be a matter of being attentive to basic hygiene advice: wash your hands and do not sneeze or cough near others.

If you are organizing or participating in a home meeting with vaccinated and unvaccinated people, you should limit the group size (maximum four people from June 9) and continue to keep distances or wear a mask when it is not necessary. is not possible. It is also recommended to do a self-test in advance.

At present, no distinction is made between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Belgium. Anyone who is required to strictly adhere to the rules of distancing, both outdoors and indoors. Belgians can only have close contact with one person and receive a maximum of two people at the same time at their home, which should change from June 9.

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