Benfica fought to the death. Liverpool allowed her a little more than we needed to, we could defend better, Klopp reveals about 3-1 – Football

Jürgen Klopp rated the game Liverpool and Benfica (3:1) in the 1/4 finals Champions League.

“It is not easy to come here and win an away match in the Champions League. Benfica fought to the death. We let them go a little too far, but they deserved a goal. Although we could have defended better.

The game was difficult, as expected. We understood that 2:0 is nothing, it’s nice, but nothing more. We won by two goals, let’s move on.

Usually in such situations we score more, but today this did not happen, largely thanks to the goalkeeper, I give him credit.

We know a lot about the opponent, they went through Ajax. We are aware of the level of Benfica, we will be ready again,” said the Reds coach.

How absurdly Fabinho celebrated the goal! I wanted something very stylish, but that’s what came out of the passage on my knees

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