Bengal defeat lesson; CPM says two term clause not to be amended

Thiruvananthapuram: The CPM is adamant that the two-term rule should not be amended. The CPM politburo (PB) members are of the view that the decision should not be watered down despite protests. When the two term conditions were tightened, many prominent people including Thomas Isaac, G Sudhakaran and P Sriramakrishnan lost their seats. This has led to great opposition in the lower echelons of the party. Even party central leaders have been complaining on the phone. But the PB understands that no matter how much pressure there is, the decision should not be changed.

The party believes that the success of successive victories has shaken the party’s base in Bengal. The biggest crisis for the party in Bengal is that it has lost the next generation of leaders in its old age. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s response was that this would apply to me next time when there was criticism in the state committee against the two terms.

The party will be explained by quoting Bengal into the sub-units of the party. The party’s assessment is that the smoky ranks can be calmed down internally on the single question of whether it is the individual or the party. But the denial of the seat to P Jayarajan, who was not affected by this term, makes it difficult for the CPM to resolve the crisis in Kannur. The matter may come up for consideration by the CPM Secretariat tomorrow.

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