Benidorm Fest: Eurovision 2022 | Finalists of the second semifinal of the Benidorm Fest

The second gala of the musical contest once again seduced the audience, becoming a ‘trending topic’ with Bandini sweeping his song ‘Ay mama’

Joseba Fiestras

It never rains to everyone’s liking. Once again, the Benidorm Fest jury of experts received boos from the audience. Natalia Calderón, Miryam Benedicted, Estefanía García, Marvin Dietmann and Félix Bergsson were questioned by the public for not having supported Tanxugueiras the night before, although at the second gala they agreed to give their highest score to the favourite: Rigoberta Bandini. At stake, four new finalists for the final on Saturday and opt for the place that will represent Spain in Eurovision. She went through to the finals alongside Rayden, Xeinn and Gonzalo Hermida.

Bandini’s real name is Paula Rubio. “We are two sides of the same coin,” says the artist who describes herself as “provocative.” “It has always seemed important to me to use art to gracefully break down certain walls,” he explained. The singer bet on ‘Ay mama’, a song that claims “motherhood and femininity”, according to its author. “I don’t understand why our boobs are so scary, without them there would be no humanity or beauty,” she proclaims in her lyrics. The applause and shouts of encouragement ended up crowning the favorite.

Writer, singer and rapper, this is how Máximo Huerta introduced Rayden. Behind the pseudonym hides David Martínez, world champion of the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters in 2006. “When I was little I thought it was weird because I didn’t like music,” he confessed. Until Extremoduro and rap appeared in his life. The young man competes with ‘Calle de la llorería’, “which is to toast to everything that has been cried,” he maintained. The Benidorm Fest already serves for its participants to generate synergies and Rayden announced that he is going to release a song with Tanxugueiras.

Chanel, Tanxugueiras, Blanca Paloma and Varry Brava, first finalists of the Benidorm Fest

Alejandro Agundín is Xeinn, an interpreter whose role model is Justin Bieber. “My passion for music was born as a child, singing in the school choir,” he recalled before performing at the festival. Xeinn is already known for his YouTube videos where he started doing ‘covers’. «My bet is a tremendous sound. Nostalgic, but with a lot of energy, ”he clarified. ‘Ecco’ is her song and it was surrounded by a set that evoked programs like ‘Aplauso’ or ‘Tocata’.

The one who qualified despite the pandemic was Gonzalo Hermida. The artist could not attend the gala for having tested positive for Covid, so, appealing to the contest rules, he participated with the video clip of ‘Who would say’, a song that he sent as a composer and was encouraged to be himself who defended him on the boards. “If I’ve gotten on this train it’s to have a good time,” he said. And his absence did not harm him because the public supported him and made him a finalist.

Marta Sango, with ‘Sigues en mi mente’; Javiera Mena, with ‘Guilt’; and Sara Deop, with ‘Make you say’; they failed to convince the staff and fell by the wayside. The final of this new and successful festival will be held on Saturday, which has garnered almost unanimous praise and will decide who will represent Spain at the Eurovision event to be held in Turin next May.

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