Benjamin Griveaux becomes TV host on B Smart

Politics ? It’s finish ! The former LREM deputy from Paris, a time candidate for mayor of Paris until intimate photos are revealed on social networks, is changing his life. Benjamin Griveaux will host a program from September 18 on the economic channel B Smart. “Smart & Strat”, a monthly program, “will focus on business strategies”, reveals the former elected to the Sunday Newspaper.

Benjamin Griveaux had turned the page on politics since the abandonment of his mandate as deputy in May. “It’s a personal choice that comes after many years dedicated to public life,” he explained at the time. “I left my mandate as deputy on May 12 to turn a page and give birth to a project that has matured for a long time: the creation of a consulting company for business leaders and start-ups,” says he at JDD.

This “collaboration on a television show” is a new page that the former elected representative wishes to write. “I will receive bosses, young and old,” explains Benjamin Griveaux to the JDD. “This show is fully in line with my consulting activity with business leaders,” he adds. My conviction is that the business world actively participates in the transformations of French society. This is what I want to highlight: not to be in the immediacy of the news and take the time to zoom out of the world around us. “

“My family has been preserved”

“Not at all journalist”, “my new life is to support managers and entrepreneurs, to help them grow and imagine innovative solutions to the challenges to be met”, summarizes Benjamin Griveaux. The former LREM deputy also specifies having refused proposals, “of news channels in particular”, “but each time in the political field”.

As for the events that pushed him to leave politics – intimate photos exchanged with a young woman had been published on social networks – Benjamin Griveaux no longer thinks about it. “The essentials, my family, have been preserved. It’s the only thing that matters ; everything else doesn’t matter, ”he told the JDD. And the former elected to affirm: “Social networks carry the best as well as the worst, but leaving them to haters cannot be the solution. “

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