Benjamin Samat in a relationship with Marine El Himer and happier than ever? This message is clear

Benjamin Samat has just sent a very strong message on Instagram and we invite you to discover it here.

Maeva Ghennam refuses to go to Benjamin Samat because of Marine and Océane El Himer, she explains. And this evening made the Internet users react enormously. So that Benji gave a big rant on the canvas. He stated : “I wanted to tell you that if you think my life belongs to you, you are wrong. This is my life and my house. And I bring whoever I want in my life and in my house too. Here it is! Big kiss”. And the handsome brunette has just let it be known that the house he occupied with Alix has been his from the start. Benjamin also took the opportunity to say that he was very happy in his life!

“Mood Happy activé”, wrote Benjamin Samat on this Instagram post where he appears with a very broad smile. And in localization, the young man marked the following message: “My Life. My House”. A small tackle that should delight his detractors who should not miss the opportunity to criticize him via the comments … But as usual, Benjamin Samat should let it go and not answer them! Otherwise in a completely different register, know that Manon Marsault is accused by internet users of being the villain of the Marseillais and she has just reacted for the first time.

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