Benjamín Vicuña dedicates an emotional publication to “China” Suárez

During the day this Sunday, the actor Benjamín Vicuña dedicated an emotional publication to his partner, actress María Eugenia Suárez.

On Mother’s Day celebrated in Argentina, the Chilean actor shared a moving message to his girlfriend: “I know you are not very convinced by the invented days or the set dates, but today is Mother’s Day in Argentina and let me tell you something. By instinct, by love, by vocation, by tenderness, by patience, for all the above your daughters and sons adore you“, He began expressing.

To this he added: “You understood from a very young age that the most important thing is health and the rest is music. A woman who loves to be a mother, a mother who loves to be a woman ”.

“A man who looks at you in love from the amazement of life. Happy Mother’s Day, “concluded the actor, next to a postcard where” China “appears with his son Amancio.

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