Benjamín Vicuña went to record a fiction with symptoms of coronavirus that he had 4 days ago | DiaryShow

This Friday afternoon it transpired that Benjamin Vicuña went to the recordings of “The First of Us” with symptoms of coronavirus, so, it exposed all fictional workers to the disease.

The information was provided Fernanda Iglesias on “Mucha Radio” and stated that the signs of the disease were four days ago and “he did not understand why they did not let him in“.

For her part, the journalist explained the attitude of the production company’s employees and explained: “The Union called an Assembly because it exposed all the workers“.

The strip will be seen on the Telefe screen and is produced by VIS. It will star the couple from the China Suarez, actress who already had the disease, Paola Krum, Luciano Castro, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Damián de Santo Y Mercedes Funes.


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