Benmoussa visits the school of the BMCE Bank Foundation network in Bouskoura

The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa paid, on Friday, a visit to the school of Bouskoura of the network of the BMCE Bank Foundation for Education and the Environment, a model in the teaching of the Amazigh language in Morocco.

The network, which was created in 2000, includes 63 schools in Morocco and six in Africa, and has 136 preschool rooms as the Foundation’s contribution to the national preschool generalization program in support of the Ministry of National Education. These rooms have a capacity of 4080 students.

The number of students who have benefited or who benefit from the services of the school network is 31,522 students, 50% of whom are girls, while the number of teachers and educators is 578, 46% of whom are female teachers.

As for the number of baccalaureate holders from the network since the first class in 2012, it stands at 2,516, including 63 pc of baccalaureate holders, while the number of schools labeled “” is 34.

On this occasion, the Minister visited, in the presence of the President of the BMCE Foundation, Mrs. Leïla Mezian Benjelloun, the various rooms of the school, in particular those of multimedia, robotics and learning Arabic, French, Amazigh and Mandarin.

On this occasion, a presentation was presented to the Minister on the model of the network, its mode of governance, the educational aspect, the new technologies integrated into the schools of the network and the specificities of the network in terms of teaching of Amazigh.

In this regard, the speakers underlined that it is a network that has opted for early multilingualism (Amazigh, Arabic, French), thanks to qualified teachers subject to rigorous selection and performance evaluation, and having benefited from the qualification, training and motivation.

And to note that the students continue their studies in good conditions thanks to the use of new technologies (Interactive board TIB, Robotics, multimedia rooms and Internet access), noting that the mode of governance of the network is flexible and is based on an information system allowing local supervision and participatory management.

It is a civic school network open to its environment which works to promote environmental education, personal projects and extracurricular activities, they noted.

Regarding the teaching of the Amazigh language, the speakers clarified that the network is a model in this area thanks to an innovative vision and a pioneering practice, given that the BMCE Foundation is the historical stakeholder in the teaching of Amazigh in Morocco since 2001, noting that the Foundation has initiated Amazigh teaching materials and teaching aids in Morocco for primary and preschoolers.

It is also the first to have trained teachers of Amazigh, introduced Amazigh in preschool and developed teaching kits for the middle and large sections while giving an important place to the evaluation of student achievements.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Benmoussa stressed that this network stands out from other foundations for the importance given to the teaching of languages, in particular the Amazigh language, noting that as can be seen in this school which is not located in an Amazigh-speaking region, the Amazigh language is taught from preschool to the 6th year of primary school.

The Minister pointed out that Amazigh is taught as a spoken and written language and simultaneously with the mastery of the Arabic language and the French language, noting that it is an extremely important experience for the whole of the educational system in Morocco which shows that this dynamic is possible when the conditions are met.

These conditions, explained Mr. Benmoussa, are linked to the training of teachers and the pedagogical aspect, in particular the accompaniment of the child who is placed at the center of the concern of the school.

For his part, the adviser to the BMCE Foundation, Abdesselam Zeroual, recalled that the project which was launched in 2000 was initially intended to support the Ministry of National Education in the generalization of preschool, noting that after 20 years of existence, the network is now moving towards a quality school, especially since the schools are located in rural areas, which makes it possible to encourage the education of girls, the introduction of multilingualism from preschool and the introduction of new technologies into the education system.

And to emphasize that the results of this model are very satisfactory and are illustrated in the level of baccalaureate holders, specifying that the students who have studied in the network are much more successful in the baccalaureate and a number of students among them graduated with honors.

On this occasion, the students, after having sung the national anthem, interpreted Amazigh songs and made a parade of the most famous traditional outfits in Morocco, while welcoming the Minister in several languages ​​(French, Arabic, Amazigh and Mandarin).

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