Benny Gantz’s surprise election to Parliament paves way for Benjamin Netanyahu to stay

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But in a dramatic move, he presented his own candidacy, the only one besides for this post.

In a dramatic and unexpected turnaround, Benny Gantz was elected speaker of the Israeli parliament on Thursday, March 26, as part of a potential power-sharing deal with rival Benjamin Netanyahu to end the country’s worst political crisis. story ofIsrael.

Benny Gantz, number 1 of the centrist “Bleu-Blanc” party which was designated on March 16 to form the new government after the elections of March 2, was to present the candidacy of one of its deputies to direct the Parliament. But in a dramatic move, he presented his own candidacy, the only one besides for this post.

He was immediately elected by 74 votes to 18, notably obtaining the votes of the deputies of Likoud, but losing support in his own camp, members of “Bleu-Blanc” having refused to endorse this rapprochement with the party of Benjamin Netanyahu.

A government of “unity and emergency” to face the coronavirus

After three elections in less than a year, Benny Gantz, former army chief of staff, said he justified this about-face by the need, according to him, to act in a “responsible” and “patriotic” to give Israel a stable government, “of union and urgency”, in order to face the pandemic of new coronavirus in the country.

His election as head of parliament is a “temporary arrangement” and consecrates the abandonment of his project to rule the country, explains Udi Sommer, who teaches political science at the University of Tel Aviv. The mandate to form the government should go to Benjamin Netanyahu who there “will appoint Gantz to a key position”.

Meanwhile, two men’s teams hold talks in hopes of delivering government “of union and urgency”, especially to deal with the new coronavirus. So far more than 2,693 cases, including eight deaths, have been officially confirmed in Israel.


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