Benoît Hons suspended from teaching until the end of June

Benoît Hons was on vacation in Spain when he broadcast insulting remarks about Travelers that he accused of having stolen his personal belongings.

An attitude that his employer, namely the Province of Liège, could not endorse. The provincial college had then decided to dismiss him from his function as assistant professor at the Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège, having considered that his remarks were contrary to “the values ​​enshrined in the social and cultural educational project of the Haute École de the Province of Liège, to which the person concerned has subscribed in his capacity as teacher ”.

The Socialist Party then decided to exclude it. And in the process, he had resigned from his mandates as an alderman and a municipal councilor in Neupré.

Since then, Benoît Hons has been waiting to be fixed on his professional fate. Last Thursday, he was heard by the provincial college. The ex-alderman PS presented himself with a petition of more than 400 signatures in his favor, which a friend had launched on the internet.

The decision finally came down on Thursday: Benoît Hons is suspended from his duties as master assistant until June 30, 2020. This sanction is accompanied by a 50% reduction in his salary. Next September he will resume his teaching duties.

“The decision of the provincial college seems measured to me and allows me to continue my teaching career, which is essential to me. My pedagogical work therefore resumes with force and vigor for a high-quality official education, training free and independent students, ”he said. “In a private, even public, capacity, I will continue to defend a secular, emancipated and progressive society,” added Benoît Hons.


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