BENQ sets a new record! Leading the Smart Board Display (IFP) to the No. 1 podium in Q2/2021

BenQ reveals its Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) portfolio of touchscreen displays. Set a new record by becoming No. 1 in Thailand during the second quarter of 2021 for the first time with a market share of 24.9%. Ready to continue its strategy by bringing new blended learning solutions to meet new lifestyles.

Mr. Watcharapong Wongma, Deputy Business Director, said, “As executives of BenQ Thailand, thank you customers and business partners. Which takes part in creating a new record for the BenQ brand, the Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) category has been ranked No. 1 during the second quarter of Thailand in 2021. Throughout the past BenQ has adjusted its proactive strategy by reaching more real users. Ready to bring cutting-edge technology and innovation. Designed to connect multimedia devices and various software systems. to make it easier for consumers to use as well as to facilitate teaching and learning and use in the meeting room ”

“BenQ Smart Board Screens or IFPs have been imported into Thailand in 2016 until now. And began to grow by leaps and bounds from 10th to 4th place in 2020 with a market share of 9.43% from the strategy to penetrate the private education market. Ready to increase sales channels with trade partners for hire purchase and lease. and resulting in the year 2021 during the first quarter In the second quarter of 2021, according to Futuresource Consulting, Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) of BenQ Thailand has sales of No. 1, which is known as setting a new record for the brand. with a market share of 24.9%, an increase of 140% compared to the same quarter of the previous year,” said Mr. Watcharapong.

For a strategy that will help create opportunities for brands to grow in the long run, Mr. Watcharapong added, “This success is an encouragement. and confidence for the brand Ready to be an opportunity to grow further, which BenQ is ready to develop in every aspect. To reinforce its position as the first in the market to innovate new innovations, BenQ’s IFP monitors are now available in the largest selection of screen sizes, from 55-inches to 98-inches, with each series having its own advantages and disadvantages. Different, such as the PM 2.5 dust sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, sound bar, etc., but in all models, there is still the same standard in terms of technology to prevent bacteria caused by fingers or fingerprints. finger on screen and 4K clarity

“At the same time, we are preparing to continue our strategy to support two new teaching methods: 1. Offer 100% home-based learning style for students by having teachers teach through IFP screens at school. The IFP monitor is capable of recording audio and video throughout the entire lesson. and uploaded to the cloud This will reduce the burden of teachers. This allows teachers to have time to prepare content for the next chapter. And students in the next class can visit this course immediately. Or they can come back and review again as well. 2. 50:50 teaching style that allows students to alternate and share at school and home. Half of the classroom to reduce congestion in the classroom But students can still study at the same time. In addition, the recruitment of dealers in the provincial areas in the northern, southern and northeastern regions has been expanded in the form of hire-purchase and leasing,” added Mr. Watcharapong.

“Growth is possible during the Covid-19 era. It was considered a success in an unexpected goal. BenQ sees that these innovations will contribute to the wider teaching and learning of Thailand. that is not just a private school only Hopefully, government schools will be able to use this model of teaching as well. in order to have equality in educational standards,” Mr. Watcharapong concluded.

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