Bentuho striker Kim Geon-hee “I’m happy to debut in Match A, but my score is 50-60”

Soccer team striker Kim Gun-hee. Photo = Korea Football Association.

[이데일리 스타in 이석무 기자] “I am satisfied with the A team debut, but my score is 50 to 60 points”

Suwon Samsung striker Kim Geon-hee (27), who is expected to be a new attacking resource for Bentohoi, shared her impressions of making her match A debut.

Kim Geon-hee made her match A debut in a friendly match against Iceland in Antalya, Turkey on the 15th (Korean time). In the 16th minute of the second half, he was replaced by Jo Gyu-seong (Kim Cheon Sang-mu) and ran around the ground for about 30 minutes.

He also had the opportunity to score his debut goal in match A. In the 25th minute of the second half, he attempted a left footed shot from the front of the penalty arc, but it was hit by the opponent’s goalkeeper and went over the post. One minute later, the net was shaken, but the goal was not recognized as offside was declared.

In an interview with the Korea Football Association on the 19th after the game against Iceland, Kim Geon-hee said, “I don’t think I did very well, but I am satisfied that I played hard in the defensive part that the coaching staff asked for.” I am grateful that I debuted in match). The score is 50 to 60 points.”

He continued, “Before the game, coach Sergio called me separately and said, ‘I am satisfied with everything on the offensive side, so do whatever you want. Instead, he said, “If you sacrifice for the team defensively, play a lot and press actively, you can become a good player for our team,” he added.

He also shared his honest thoughts about the fact that his debut goal in Match A was canceled due to offside. Especially when viewed on a slow screen, it was confirmed that it was on-side, which made it even more disappointing.

Kim Geon-hee said, “At first, I thought it was offside, but after the game, I got a lot of calls saying, ‘I will visit the referee instead.’ It’s a pity that I don’t have it, and I think I’ll keep thinking about it.”

Kim Geon-hee was first selected for the national team ahead of the Qatar World Cup Asian final qualifying match against Iraq and the United Arab Emirates in November last year. Following that, he is gradually expanding his position in the national team, including adding his name to the list of calls for field training in Turkey in January.

Kim Geon-hee said, “Last time (November), the training time was short and the focus was on recovery, so I didn’t have enough time to learn something. seen,” he said.

In addition, he added, “The coaching staff guides players in the right direction where they can excel,” he added.

In fact, it is too early to say that Kim Kun-hee is built-in to the national team. Hwang Ui-jo, a leading European striker, is holding the same striker position, and Jo Kyu-sung, who has recently emerged, is also attracting attention. Jo Kyu-seong made his debut against Iceland in the last match and scored his debut goal in the A match, making sure to get the mark of coach Bento.

Kim Geon-hee said, “(Jo) Kyu-seong is the first to be selected for the national team and is trusted, so I try to learn a lot from what the coaching staff thinks is good. When I see Kyu-seong, I am stimulated and motivated at the same time.”

Although not long, the experience at the national team had a great impact on Kim’s football life. It changed my mind a lot about football.

Kim Geon-hee said, “I tried to show a lot of linked play and leading build-up that I pursue, but instead (the national team coaching staff) asked for more defensive skills, so I tried to do both well, so it didn’t work out and there were a lot of mistakes.” I’m thinking a lot about how to defend effectively and do what I was good at.”

Bentuho, who defeated Iceland 5-1, will play their second European away friendly match against Moldova, ranked 166th in FIFA, on the 21st in Antalya, Turkey. Kim Gun-hee is predicted to have a high chance of starting in this match.

Kim Geon-hee said, “Because Moldova has a lower level than Iceland, I think we need to make a lot of goal scenes in the offensive part.

He continued, “I just joined the national team, so I want to hold on as long as possible, watch and learn, and show a good side, so I want to go up a notch.”


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