Benzema responds (very) curtly to the “liar” Deschamps

The Real striker is obviously not convinced by the coach’s version of the facts about his departure from the France group during the 2022 World Cup…

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Benzema calls Deschamps a “liar” on Instagram. AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema will not go on vacation together. We had suspected a wolf during the departure, on the sly, in the early morning, of Karim Benzema a handful of days before the first match of the Blues in Qatar. Touched in training when he was already coming back from injury, the Ballon d’Or was forced to forfeitlinking directly to his vacation in Reunion before… resuming on December 15 with Real, three days before the final against Argentina. All in a deafening silence, while “DDkicked into touch each time the question was asked at a press conference, sometimes showing annoyance and irritability. The coach of the Blues gave himself up on Friday, giving his version of the facts. He spoke in the columns of the Figaro but also at Parisian. And that’s not to Benzema’s taste…

In a story about Instagramthe former OL player responds to Didier Deschamps with these words:But what audacity“. All supported by a clown emoticon. A message that follows some excerpts from the interview at Parisianincluding the one where Deschamps assures that Benzema left without even telling him, another in which the said Benzema would have himself acknowledged that “it’s deadfor the World Cup and that the diagnosis of the doctor of the Blues was the same as that of Real Madrid, namely that Karim Benzema was unavailable until December 10. In a second story, the man with 37 goals in 97 selections took up a message in which a man drops these words: “Liar, mytho, you lie, a big liar“. These are therefore not the words of Karim Benzema directly, but we can attribute them to him without the risk of betraying his thoughts. “Sacred Didier. Good night“, he concludes, with his pen this time.

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It’s the truth, there’s only one and that’s it.

Didier Deschamps

In his interview at Figaro , the 54-year-old technician claims that the Blues have done things according to the rules of the art from a medical point of view. “And Karim knows it well. (…) Our doctor accompanied him to the clinic, they return to the hotel at 12:15 a.m…. I go to see Karim in his room with Franck Le Gall at 12:30 a.m. In the meantime, Karim has forwarded the medical to someone he trusts in Madrid. When I see him, he’s disgusted, tells me it’s dead. The exams suggest a return around December 10, we discuss together, I understand his disappointment. I leave his room around 1am, I tell Karim that there is no rush for his return home. I’m going to bed, the players are sleeping. When I get up the next morning, I am told that he is gone. He had decided to leave on a commercial flight. I text him, he replied when he landed. It’s the truth, there’s only one and that’s the one“, he says, hammering that the French football team is “strongerwith Benzema than without him.

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«I spoke with him after the announcement of my contract extension (January 7th), he knows what I told him and what he told me“Adds Deschamps, also claiming to be on good terms with Benzema. “During the World Cup, I kicked on this subject, because it was not the time to talk about it. Karim admitted that he was not ready (for the final). I know what Karim represents, his qualities, but I have a group that reaches the final and someone had to be called back without knowing his physical condition? He couldn’t have. I talked to him“, He promises, also evoking a tribute planned for retirees Blaise Matuidi, Steve Mandanda, Hugo Lloris, Raphaël Varane and therefore Karim Benzema during France-Netherlands, March 27. “I hope they will come“, he slips. Maybe not all…

Tormented history

Karim Benzema and the Blues, Karim Benzema and Didier Deschamps, a tormented story. The coach of the Blues has however long been the greatest advocate of the player, now 35 years old. The affair of the sex tape and especially the remarks of Benzema in the Spanish press (“He gave in to a racist part of France“) had dug such a gap that we once thought that the striker with 341 goals with the Casa Blanca would never set foot in Clairefontaine as long as Didier Deschamps was in place. And yet, “DD” reminded him to everyone’s surprise just before Euro 2020 (played in 2021), with the success that we know. Eventually, Benzema retired from international duty on December 19, the day after the World Cup final. “I made the effort and the mistakes it took to be where I am today and I’m proud of it! I have written my story and ours is ending!“, he explained on social networks. Apparently, Karim Benzema and Didier Deschamps do not agree at least on the epilogue…

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Karim Benzema denies Didier Deschamps’ version. Karim Benzema on Instagram

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