Bérangère Vantusso, here to “Move the lines”

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Playing today in VMDN, maps, rubber bands, and hair. Let’s move the lines, explore the territories, pull the threads and strings. Jean-François Cadet receives Bérangère Vantusso for “Moving lines, card stories” and Fabio Godinho for the play “Sales Gosses”.

Bérangère Vantusso presents the show “Moving the lines, card stories”. A creation presented at the Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, with four actors from the Compagnie de l’Oiseau Mouche. A company that brings together artists with mental disabilities, which has existed for over 40 years. She has forged a real artistic reputation, working each time with different directors. And this is the first time that the company presents a show at the Festival d’Avignon. A formidable artistic adventure and human adventure.

Fabio Godinho and the Compagnie du Centaure, which comes to us from Luxembourg, are staging the play “Sales Gosses” to be seen at the Fire Station in Avignon at 12:45, as part of the Festival Off d’Avignon. A shock piece, the story of a class almost like any other, in which a student was tied up by a teacher.

Reportage : Fanny Bleichner became interested in the play “Samson” by director Brett Bailey. It can be discovered at the Festival In d’Avignon until July 13, 2021.


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