Berchtesgaden is in corona lockdown

SSince Tuesday, 2 p.m., the district of Berchtesgadener Land has been subject to an extensive lockdown, as a result of a general decree based on the Infection Protection Act. Because the seven-day incidence of new corona infections was over 250 on Sunday and Monday, people in the district are only allowed to leave their own apartment with “good reason”. All schools, daycare centers, leisure facilities and restaurants have to close, with the exception of retail stores or church services. The measures, which also include an extensive mask requirement, initially apply for 14 days.

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“I am on the phone day and night,” reports Florian Miciecki, head of the communal retirement home in Berchtesgaden, the FAZ, he says, he especially needs to calm the relatives, and organize the staff and have them tested regularly. Relatives are only allowed to visit if residents are dying. Locking up the senior citizens is not an option for Miciecki. “You can go out now,” says the home manager. However, the residents are all reasonable. “I’m going to the cemetery now because I’m not allowed to go after 2 p.m.”, one of the residents told him on Tuesday morning.

Large rush of vacationers

Miciecki is not surprised by the lockdown. “I thought it would be even more massive.” The home manager also notes that Berchtesgaden was recently “brutally overrun” by holidaymakers. They were often very undisciplined when it came to mask requirements.

But now it’s also over for tourism. All guests had to leave Berchtesgaden by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, only business travelers were allowed to stay. The mountain railways and excursion boats on the Königssee are at a standstill. “You can still be out and about,” says tourism spokeswoman Ursula Wischgoll; hiking alone or with families is not prohibited. She describes the lockdown as a “confidence-building measure”, also for tourists.

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The industry estimated on Tuesday that 2,500 holidaymakers were still in the district. When, after the meeting of the Bavarian Council of Ministers in Munich, the state government’s corona coordinator, Florian Herrmann, was asked whether the rapid departure of so many people would not be a danger for the rest of Germany, possibly a second Ischgl, only from Bavarian soil, he referred to the “responsibility of each individual to think carefully about where he was and then to be tested for safety’s sake”. The municipal test centers in Bavaria are available for this.


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