Berlusconi relapses after overcoming coronavirus

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi suffers a relapse after overcoming the coronavirus last September and must rest at home, his lawyer said on Monday, according to Italian media. Berlusconi has not appeared this Monday before the Milan Court, where the “Ruby Ter” (third) process is underway, which is investigating whether he could buy the silence of witnesses from trials of his controversial parties so that they would not testify against him. His lawyer, Federico Cecconi, has reported that his health has deteriorated in recent days and that doctors have advised him “to rest at home, not move and do not carry out activities.”

On September 2, the 84-year-old politician tested positive for coronavirus and on the night of September 3-4, he was admitted with bilateral pneumonia at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, although he was discharged on September 14. September. Since then, he has notably reduced his public appearances. Berlusconi has had a pacemaker since 2006 and underwent surgery in June 2016 for severe aortic regurgitation.

The “Ruby Ter” process derives from the “Ruby” case, which owed its name to the young Moroccan Karima el Mahroug, alias Ruby, with whom Berlusconi had sexual relations when she was a minor. The Italian Supreme Court acquitted him in 2015 and soon after faced the so-called “Ruby bis” trial, in which his collaborators were sentenced to the second degree: the journalist Emilio Fede, the artist representative Lele Mora and the politician and actress Nicole Minetti, by induction to prostitution and pimping. Now, the “Ruby Ter” process investigates whether Berlusconi paid millions to several young people who participated in his parties not to testify against him.


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