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Where is the Bermuda Triangle in GTA 5? We explain here how to get to this mysterious area.

Many are familiar with the legend of Bermuda Triangle. Area located off the American coast between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the place is famous for its many disappearances. It is therefore no wonder that Rockstar Games wanted to pay tribute to this legend in his game GTA 5.

We explain here how to get to the Bermuda Triangle in the story mode of GTA 5.

How to go to the Bermuda Triangle in GTA 5?

The Bermuda Triangle is an easter egg that has been present since the release of GTA 5 and many players have therefore found how to get there. To do so, players must therefore go to the south of Los Santos, at the airport and take the sea to the south by plane, helicopter or marine vehicle (such as jet ski or submarine) as shown Mr Quoty in his video. After a while the vehicles will suddenly stop working and sink into the ocean resulting in the death of the character.

The Bermuda Triangle is an easter egg from GTA 5

According to the scientists’ hypothesis, the presence of magnetic disturbances and oceanic phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle would cause breakdowns and other malfunctions in ships and planes, which leads to known accidents.

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