Bern: Parmelin was convinced by Berset

The UDC and the PLR, which have a majority in the Federal Council, were opposed to tougher measures. But the Federal Council finally followed Alain Berset. Except Ueli Maurer.

The Federal Council has taken the decision to toughen the measures until the end of February. Only Ueli Maurer formally opposed it.

Since the announcement of Wednesday, January 6 and the consultation of a toughening of measures until the end of February, the UDC and the PLR ​​have indicated that they are opposed to it, in particular in committee in Parliament. After the announcement of the measures yesterday, the SVP reacted violently by accusing Alain Berset “of having completely lost touch with reality” and of asking that Parliament meet “in extraordinary session” to overturn these decisions.

The PLR ​​also reacted by demanding faster vaccination, also accusing the head of the Federal Department of the Interior: “For several months, Alain Berset’s department has been accumulating failures, does not communicate transparently and thus undermines confidence in institutions ”.

While the SVP and the PLR ​​have the majority with four seats in the Federal Council, the predictions before yesterday’s announcements were that there would be a simple extension of the measures, but not a hardening … What happened so?

According to the indiscretions of the Federal Palace, relayed by the German-speaking press on Wednesday evening, Alain Berset would have convinced his colleagues to act now to avoid a new wave with the more contagious variants of the virus, which have spread in the United Kingdom and in Ireland in a few weeks. The head of the Department of the Interior also insisted a lot on this threat at a press conference, believing that it was time to react to avoid a third wave in February, that we were even a little ahead of the virus…

For President Guy Parmelin, the argument of protecting the population has apparently taken precedence over the economic considerations defended by his party. “He acted like the one who must protect his people as the new federal president”, writes “Blick”. In the end, only Ueli Maurer opposed the extension and the hardening of the measures because of their costs. He looks like a thrifty father, who wants to protect his purse.

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