Bern to face Zug in play-off quarter-finals

CP Berne obtained the right to challenge Zug in the play-off quarter-finals. In the pre-play-off decisive game, the Bears won 3-0 in Davos to win the series 2-1.

This meeting was close, the two teams evolving with caution for fear of making the fatal error. The Bernese opened the scoring through Praplan in the 24th, which then allowed them to mass in defense and content themselves with breaking the Graubünden assaults.

Pestoni doubled the visitors’ advantage in the 51st. Davos, despite a great debauchery of energy, was never able to find an opening in the opposing rearguard even by taking out his goalkeeper Aeschlimann at 2’50 from the siren. Olofsson took the opportunity to score number three in the empty goal.

The HCD is therefore already on vacation, while the Bernese will re-mobilize to face Zug, the sovereign winner of the qualification on Tuesday.



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