Bernie Sanders denounces homophobic attacks on Pete Buttigieg

Bernie Sanders, in Manchester, New Hampshire, February 11, 2020. – Matt Rourke / AP / SIPA

Senator Bernie Sanders denounced “scandalous” homophobic attacks on his
Democratic rival Pete Buttigieg spoken by a famous radio host close to
Donald Trump.

A figure in the American conservative sphere, Rush Limbaugh made fun of the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, on Wednesday, “the 37-year-old gay guy who hugs her husband on stage.” Pete Buttigieg is actually 38 years old. These words took on special significance as they came a few days after a strong tribute by Donald Trump to the host.

During his State of the Union address to the full assembled Congress, the American President awarded him the “Freedom Medal”, the highest civilian decoration in the United States, and thanked him for ” decades of dedication to our country. “

“Outrageous and offensive”

“As candidates, we have disagreements, but personal attacks like these are unacceptable,” said Bernie Sanders. “Rush Limbaugh’s homophobic comments about Pete Buttigieg are outrageous and offensive. Together, we will end the divisions and hatred sown by Donald Trump, “he added.

Asked Thursday whether he thought the Americans could elect a gay president, the President replied, “I think so.” “I think some people wouldn’t. But I would not be part of this group to be honest, “he added in the radio show by Geraldo Rivera.

Pete Buttigieg did not respond directly to the attacks of the conservative host. “I am proud of my marriage, I am proud of my husband,” he said Thursday evening when meeting with voters in Las Vegas.

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