Bernie sanders: “Grumpy chic” at Joe Biden’s inauguration

Somehow Bernie Sanders didn’t want to fit into the setting of the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. On Wednesday, the Vermont senator caused a lot of conversation with his practical winter jacket and eye-catching knitted gloves – and a little Internet hit.

The media described the choice of clothes – paired with Sanders’ sitting posture with crossed arms – as “grumpy chic” (lousy style). It was circulating on Twitter after a very short time countless photo montagesshowing Sanders in all possible – and impossible – situations.

It’s not the first time that Sanders has caused a stir in this way. The knitted gloves reached fame about a year ago at a performance by the politician. At that time he was still a candidate in the Democratic primary against the eventual winner Joe Biden.

Made from recycled sweaters and old plastic bottles like that »Los Angeles Times« reports, the hand warmers even made it to their own Twitter account. Under @BerniesMittens (Bernie’s mittens) you can still admire the most beautiful appearances of the gloves there.

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