Best apps to recover deleted photos on computer

There are many applications that can be used to recover deleted photos on PC, and they are similar in operation, but the difference lies in the user interface and the quality of the photo recovery.

Storing photos is one of the most important functions of a computer, which is why many people strive to increase the storage space on their devices, but when you accidentally lose those photos, it becomes annoying.

And you should choose the deleted photo recovery apps carefully, because the deleted photo recovery apps can access all your data and computers.

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So the applications should be from well-known companies so as not to harm your computer, and today we bring you a collection of the best applications to recover deleted photos on your computer.

It is one of the best applications that you can use on your computer as it offers an easy to use interface.

Moreover, it recovers all deleted files of any type and preserves the original file names when extracting them.

The apps work with storage spaces of up to 2TB and the app lets you scan a specific drive of your choice.

The application is available in a free version.

This application has a simple and easy to use interface and the application can recover all image formats.

The application can quickly scan all disks and you can preview images before recovering them.

The application supports many different languages ​​such as English, French and German.

This tool is specially designed so that you can recover deleted photos in full quality, the application can recover photos from flash drives or hard drives.

The application can recover files of any format, and it can also restore raw photos from professional cameras.

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The application is part of the well-known CCleaner suite, which offers several applications to manage and speed up your computer.

The tool is quick to search for different files, and the app comes in a free trial for a limited time.

This app is for users who don’t want to install an interface app on their PC as it comes with a version that runs directly from the command interface.

This tool works with more than 440 different file formats and works reliably to preserve your files and your privacy.

This tool runs in safe mode to scan your drives to protect them and protect your files.

EaseUS apps includes a bunch of apps that work effectively with different devices, and the app can recover deleted photos and all different file formats.

EaseUS app has an easy to use interface, so many people choose to rely on it and use it instead of other apps.

EaseUS is available in versions that work with Mac or Windows computers.

It can recover files from hard drives or flash drives of different types.

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