“Bet… that?”: Nasty coke spell against Robbie Williams

Fans are appalled

On “Wetten … dass?”: Did this coke reference to Robbie Williams go too far?

Thomas Gottschalk with his guests at “Wetten… dass?”

picture alliance/dpa | Philipp von Ditfurth

“Wetten… dass?” is back – and with a real star guest: On Saturday evening (November 19th) nobody less than took part

Christoph Maria Herbst makes a coke joke


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Twitter users are shocked

While the “Wetten… dass?” audience held back their applause, the enthusiasm on Twitter was also limited. “Did Christoph Maria Herbst just call Robbie Williams a coke man in front of millions of viewers?”, “Christoph Maria Herbst jokes about Robbie Williams’ drug use. The sofa is more uncomfortable today than eating with the family for Christmas” and “First of all, quickly on Twitter to make sure that Christoph Maria Herbst really just publicly called Robbie Williams a coke man,” the network is horrified. (dga)

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