beta available for Insider users, so you can install it and test all its news

Windows 11 can now be downloaded in Mexico, at least the first beta prior to the final version that will arrive in the next few months. However, this version is not available to everyone, so now we are going to explain how it can be downloaded to test its new features in advance.

How to enter the Insider program and install the Windows 11 beta

The first beta of Windows 11 is available only to users of the programa Windows Insider, enthusiasts who have access to the news of Microsoft and Windows before its official release. Entering the Insider program and installing the beta version of Windows 11 is very simple:

  • Follow the route Settings> Update and Security> Windows Insider Program

  • An automatic check will be carried out and it will be indicated at that time if the Windows 11 beta can be installed. If so, only the instructions of the program should be followed

It is important to consider the issue of minimum requirements of Windows 11 and whose verification can be carried out with the tool PC Health Check. The most important thing is to have a compatible processor Y chip TPM, important aspect, but that Microsoft has confirmed, with its respective security warning, that it is not totally necessary for the update. In this section, Microsoft has updated the information and ensures that it will conduct tests to extend the compatibility of Windows 11 with Intel 7th generation processors and AMD Zen 1.

If these requirements are not met, it will not be possible to proceed with the installation of the Windows 11 beta. However, our colleagues Xataka Windows explain in detail a method what lets you bypass the limitations and install Windows 11. Use this information wisely and at your own risk, since being a beta, it is not recommended to use this version as the main operating system.

Regarding the Windows 11 beta, it is important to mention that almost all the news shown in your presentationFrom the new start menu and taskbar to the new notification center, quick settings and widgets, to the new File Explorer. However, the great absentee is the native support for Android apps, a feature that will arrive later with the final version.

Windows 11 Official Dark Theme

Microsoft confirmed during the presentation that the final version of Windows 11 will arrive later in the year, on holiday dates (holidays). However, the company has released several tracks that point to what Windows 11’s official arrival date will be October 20. Just see the image on these lines, and several others used to show the news of the operating system, where you see October 20 as the date.

Whatever your official arrival date, what yes it is known with certainty the thing is Windows 11 will be completely free and all Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade to the new operating system … as long as they meet the requirements.

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