Beto Ortiz explodes against Mayra Couto for miniseries to be financed by the State | Viral | VIDEO | My body, my rule | TRENDS

Updated on 03/02/2021 03:13 pm

Beto Ortiz spoke with everything about the award of the Ministry of Culture that they gave to the actress Mayra couto. For the journalist, nothing justifies that they have given him money that belongs to all Peruvians.

“They know who is one of the artists to whom we have to give our money, Miss Mayra Couto … has received a prize of 75 thousand soles to make her own miniseries called” My body, my rule. ” . He said

“I want to say something to Mayra with all affection, I am going to speak to you in your language, friend: We Peruvians do not have to finance your miniseries bodria with the money of our taxes, because in a country like this where oxygen is lacking in The hospitalas, a haunted project like yours does not deserve that this huachafa government or its president in her brain will put money to your miniseries. In conclusion, you bring us highly to the point of grief. Sincerely, your friend Beta Ortiza ”, he added.



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