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Updated 11/19/2020 at 9:51 PM

Magaly Medina interviewed the delivery man Junior Ramírez last Wednesday, who suffered discrimination and verbal aggression by a subject named Guillermo Miranda during the delivery of a product in Miraflores. In this conversation, the TV host highlighted the patience of the young delivery man, who at all times was calm despite seeing his attacker on the same television set.

In the aforementioned interview, Medina stressed the importance of being tolerant in the midst of so much violence in the country and took the moment to reflect on the case of his colleague Beto Ortiz, who has been the target of harsh criticism in social networks for having expressed their rejection of the demonstrations that took place in Peru against the government of Manuel Merino and which resulted in the death of two young men, Jordan Inti Sotelo (24) and Jack Bryan Pintado (22).

In his message, Magaly described the Willax TV journalist as “superb” for not retracting his statements on the march, which later led to several groups of young people going to sit in the building where the driver of “Beto a saber ”.

You have to be tolerant …, but if someone else started saying a ‘pachotada’, as in this case that Beto Ortiz minimized, mocked, laughed. You will have to apologize at some point. The bad thing about it is that he is being arrogant, he does not even realize”, Medina sentenced.

Finally, Magaly emphasized the importance of freedom of expression, but also pointed out that at this time the country cannot be divided.

“This is not the time for those messages, I believe that at this time (Beto Ortiz) has been wrong, because although I defend freedom of opinion, I also believe that now we are not to divide but to unite”, concluded the presenter of “Magaly TV: La Firme”.


Sheyla Rojas and the large sum that she demands from Magaly Medina

Sheyla Rojas and the large sum that she demands from Magaly Medina. (Video: ATV)


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