Better engine performance and friendly to the environment: the new formula of Argentine fuel recognized in the world

What are the benefits for the car.

When you arrive at a gas station to load gasoline, you know that not just any fuel is ideal for your car. It is necessary to provide optimum vehicle performance, the engine to perform and to optimize fuel economy.

This is how, as more and more modern and autonomous cars are produced, fuels are also created to accompany these vehicles, guaranteeing their cleanliness, performance and engine optimization.

Today, the options are diverse. Meanwhile, companies are in charge of adapting to innovations and new technologies that allow the development of better fuels for the market. This was the case with Infinia, which was relaunched with a renewed formula that is specially prepared and designed for the most modern and demanding engines on the market, which are equipped with direct injection systems. However, its benefits also reach engines with other injection systems, this means that any vehicle can use Infinia.

In addition to its top performance, excellent cleaning power and superior performance, Infinia is Top Tier certified, a program established by major automotive manufacturers in collaboration with fuel and fire products.

The standard is high and all those who enter into this program represent a fuel that ensures minimum levels of detergency -additives- in gasoline, to support the optimum performance of the engine, guaranteeing its cleanliness.

What is your main benefit of cleaning? Among the most important are the following:

-Help them regain their performance.

-Helps to extend your life time.

-Reduces the emissions it releases, therefore, it is more environmentally friendly.

-Optimizes fuel economy.

-Improves the driving experience.

Drivers can enjoy these benefits with the new Infinia, the fuel created and designed by YPF that, as of this week, will be found in all service stations in the country.

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