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Beyond these figures, as underlined by Dr Chantal Decroisette, pneumo-oncologist at the Annecy hospital center, “you should know that there are two major tumor subgroups: so-called small cell cancer (15% cases). An aggressive tumor against which science has yet to find a targetable signaling pathway. The second called non-small cell lung cancer accounts for 85% of cases. And within the latter, we have discovered specific cellular mechanisms that have allowed the development of targeted therapies acting on them. “. Today, during the diagnosis, it is indeed possible to identify mutations in genes specific to each cancer, thus guiding the therapeutic management of the patient.

Chronic illness?

“Today, many patients benefit from effective treatments that allow them to live better and longer. Patients live with lung cancer much like a chronic disease, ”says Dr. Decroisette. And that implies a paradigm shift in care. “Patients and relatives are particularly interested in information about their treatments, side effects and their new life with the disease,” says Dr Chantal Decroisette.

To answer these many questions, 6 brochures were produced by a committee made up of doctors, nurses, psychologists as well as De l’Air patient associations! and Patients in Network – My Lung Cancer Network. These documents are now available on the site. You will find six themes:

The basics of lung cancer; From diagnosis to management; Supportive care; The course of life; Treatments; Better tolerate its treatment by targeted therapy. Inform, support, accompany

“These brochures help support patients and relatives with a lot of information, for example on supportive care, psychological support, daily life, professional life”, explains Lisa, a patient with lung cancer and member of the association Patients en Réseau – Mon Réseau Cancer du Lung. For her part, Suzy Sauvajon was involved from its creation in the association De l’Air! “I had just been diagnosed, too late like many patients, but rather than considering this cancer as inevitable, I wanted to make it a dynamic. I was ready to go into battle with the members of the association, and it is a great adventure which today mobilizes us, unites us and supports us. “

To read the 6 brochures:

Mon Réseau Cancer du Lung Association:

Air Association! :

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