Better life: tonight, Samir wants to have Irina killed (summary + video of episode 4039 PBLV of April 16, 2020)


Better life ahead: summary and video of the episode 4039 of Thursday, April 16, 2020 – Irina will find herself in great danger this evening in your Marseille soap opera “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, Samir gives the order to a man to kill Irina, become too embarrassing compared to Pavel!

A new episode to discover at 8:35 pm on France 3 but also now in replay and free streaming on here.

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More beautiful life – summary of episode 4039

Even in the face of Boher’s worry, Irina refuses to reveal her plans. Luna, who believes Andrés can change, finally tells her about the progress of her legs. Boher covers Irina’s absences from her hierarchy. The Ukrainian policewoman shows Pavel’s face to Karim, who persists and refuses to take revenge. Samir puts a contract on Irina and an underling will take care of it. For her part, Mirta is more than ever worried about her daughter but does not resolve to confide in Roland…

Thomas explains to Melmont, the shrink, that he is afraid of becoming a monster of violence following the attack on the ranch. The therapist reassures him, but Thomas takes it upon himself not to explode in front of Riva, who is trying to help him. He sees himself beating him up, and prefers to go outside and take the air alone …


Mila relents with Mouss. The latter announces to the roommate that he would like to resume training with his father in disabled sports …

More beautiful life – video from episode 4039 of April 16

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