Better sleep halves the risk of heart failure

42% less risk

In fact, participants with the best sleep habits had a 42% reduction in the risk of heart failure compared to the others. What exactly are these good habits? “Get up early in the morning, sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and not suffer from insomnia or nighttime snoring, or daytime sleepiness,” describe the authors.

Scientists have also observed that these habits taken independently also reduce, although to a lesser extent, the risk of heart failure:

Thus, those who woke up early had an 8% lower risk of suffering from this cardiac pathology; Participants sleeping 7-8 hours per night had a reduced risk of 12%; The absence of insomnia made it possible to reduce the risk of 17%; Finally, the fact of not suffering from daytime sleepiness reduced this risk by 34%.

One more reason to try to take care of your sleep on a daily basis.

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Source: Destination Santé

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