Economy Better than expected accounts in Bern

Better than expected accounts in Bern


Berne is closing its accounts on a much better than expected result. The canton recorded a profit of 265 million francs in 2019, more than double the amount that had been budgeted. This pleasing result can be explained by an improvement in expenses and revenues. The tax receipts exceed the forecast by 35 million francs, due in particular to the larger shares affected in direct federal tax and in advance tax. On the load side, the amounts provided for staff, hospital care and public transport in particular were not reached. Only vocational training and contributions show worse figures than budgeted.

Net investments total 374 million francs, 62 million less than expected. They were fully self-funded. The Executive Council is currently analyzing the reasons why actual investments are below budget forecasts. He believes that it will be necessary in the future to ensure that all budgeted resources are used for investments.

Uncertain prospects

Despite this encouraging result, the government remains cautious for the future. The coronavirus crisis will have serious repercussions on economic development, the extent of the consequences is still difficult to assess.

In addition, there is still uncertainty about the amount of dividends that will be distributed by the SNB for the next few years. / mdu



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