Between 700 and 800 people spent the night in a Thalys at Brussels-Midi

A Thalys train, which linked Brussels-Midi station to Paris-Nord station, remained stationary for part of the afternoon and evening of Friday due to a technical problem after hitting a animal. Traffic was only able to resume on the line shortly before 9:30 p.m.

While passengers who were stuck on the journey after having already left were brought to Paris-Nord, the railway company had to cancel six trains departing from Brussels-Midi because they would not have been able to cross the border between Belgium and France before 10:30 p.m. and that work is being carried out at night on this high-speed line.

As a result, customers who stayed in Brussels had the choice between staying at the hotel (and then having their overnight stay reimbursed), returning home if they live in or near the capital (with reimbursement of taxi costs) or wait in several Thalys trains in order to have a safe and quiet place to sleep.

Between 700 and 800 people chose this last option. This Saturday morning, 200 of these passengers have already taken the direction of Germany on board an ICE train and 400 others have been transported to Paris with the 1st Thalys of the day, which started shortly before 7:45 am. For the 200 remaining passengers and those who have found a solution to spend the night elsewhere than in the dormitory train, the company has reinforced its transport offer throughout the day, for example by doubling trains (two trains are hooked up to each other instead of just one). Thalys apologizes to affected travelers, acknowledging that travel conditions are not ideal.

The company will reimburse them for their tickets 100% in cash or up to 250% if they opt for e-vouchers.

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