Between tears and songs, ‘Jilguero’ flies high

The people of La Paz, north of Cesar, in the midst of collective pain, dismissed their illustrious son, Jorge Oñate, on Monday. For the locals it was not a goodbye, because according to what they say, the ‘Goldfinch of America’ will live forever in their hearts and his legacy will make him immortal.

In the Plaza Olaya Herrera, under an inclement sun, the crowd accompanied their idol and while some cried, others sang the songs of the artist who died at 71, affected by the consequences left by the coronavirus.

From the platform that bears his name, a heartfelt tribute was paid to Jorge Oñate, whose body remained in a burning chamber in the coffin lined with the flag of his municipality, surrounded by floral arrangements and his family and friends, who, disconsolate, lamented your departure.

Recognized vallenato artists joined the honors. Silvestre Dangond, Jorge Celedón, Fabián Corrales, Penchi Castro, Orlando Liñán, Yader Romero, among others, sang some of the hits that ‘El Ruiseñor del Cesar’ garnered during five decades of musical career.

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