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Beware.. Deficiency of this vitamin doubles the risk of stroke

Stroke kills millions of people worldwide each year, but the number is declining year after year. Despite the decline in mortality rates, the burden continues to increase due to the increase in age rates and the number of elderly people. Taking action to improve cardiovascular health through diet and exercise can reduce the risk of stroke.

The researchers believe that attention to avoiding vitamin D deficiency in a “common” manner will contribute to reducing the risks, according to what was published by the British newspaper, The Express.

Vitamin D is essential for many key functions in the body, such as the immune system and bone metabolism, and is primarily responsible for regulating calcium and phosphorous levels in the body.


Cardiovascular health

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggest that there is a link between vitamin D deficiency and the deterioration of cardiovascular health, as severely low levels of it can double the risk of stroke in people with white skin.

The researchers were unable to find a specific reason for the cause of the discrepancy in levels according to skin colors, but they suggested that it may be due to skin pigmentation and the ability to tolerate sunlight, as suggested by Dr. Irene Michos, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Heart Institute. And its blood vessels”, suggests that black people may have adapted to vitamin D deficiency over generations.

The researchers noted that there is “no compounding effects with stroke in dark-skinned people due to the adaptation of their bodies over generations to vitamin D deficiency.”

skin colour

Although the higher numbers for high blood pressure and diabetes certainly explain some of the increased risk of stroke for black people compared to white people, it is not a significant risk, but rather another reason behind this problem. Vitamin D deficiency is not to blame for the increased risk of strokes. For dark-skinned people.

Separate studies have also indicated that the strong association between vitamin D levels and stroke in white people is limited to those who are severely deficient.



Reduce risk and improve recovery

Other studies have confirmed that the view that vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for stroke may be wrong, and the correct opinion could be the opposite, that is, low levels of vitamin D are the result of a stroke.

There is other evidence that vitamin D supplementation can reduce the risk of stroke and improve recovery from stroke.

The researchers of one study wrote: “The findings not only showed a direct effect of vitamin D on the degree of inflammation and secondary brain injury that developed after stroke, but indicated that supplementation with [فيتامين D] It can limit the resulting injury.”

Rich sources of vitamins

According to Healthline, a health website, “Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common with estimates that about one billion people worldwide suffer from low levels of the vitamin in the blood,” but the suffering from exceptionally low levels increases. In countries where sunlight is scarce.

Therefore, during the winter months in general, nutrients must be obtained from food.

Eggs, fatty fish, chicken and beef liver are excellent sources of vitamin D, as are fortified milk, yogurt, and some breakfast cereals. A daily vitamin D supplement is also recommended for people who are not exposed to sunlight.

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